Tutorial How to Trade Forex for a Beginner

How to trade Forex for a beginner

Generally it is still a lot of new traders who really do not understand how to Forex tradingĀ  . One of the keys that must and should be made by new Trader is Training.

If you do not know what you should do on the Forex market, this is a mistake that will surely put you in huge losses. Surely you don’t want the money you deposit into your trading account to disappear without giving the slightest benefit?

In this way they do not go to the answers of people who are misleading, or people are looking for an opportunity in the midst of their ignorance. This is something you need to do to start trading Forex.

1. Understand What Trading Is Forex
If you have a close familiarity with Forex, try to ask you with your seriousness to understand what Forex is. Overall, however, the Forex Trader will be lazy to explain what he has done to put people who just want to know, and then their curiosity to the Forex trade “calm” and need to be stressed.

If you have no acquaintances nearby, do not indicate the desire to trade Forex on a stranger. You better look for information about the Definition of Forex trading through articles, examples such as our article in your Blog. You can visit our article here.

After that, you do not know that Forex is only profit in the Form of dollars or you can buy a machine. Like any other business, Forex trading also carries the risk, if any, that may threaten the well-being of your finance. Not ready for risk? Do not press on yourself, enough knowledge. Look for other companies you want to risk.

2. Learn To Trade On A Demo Account
Trading with a Demo account, i.e., trade in real conditions, but the money used is not Real. So, if the statement, you will not lose your money really. Likewise, if the profit, then the profit can not be redeemed / withdrawn.

What if you want to trade through a Demo account? You can open a Demo account by filling out the form here. Then download the Metatrader App on your Smartphone and Computer via this Link. Once the Download process is complete, Please log in through any Demo accounts you have previously registered. And a good trade on a Demo account.

But if you want to try trading directly through a real account and want to learn about a real account, you can follow these steps.

1. You Can Find A Reliable Forex Broker
Looking Forex Broker, fits in the liver difficult-just difficult. Since you are a beginner Trader, differs from a small capital, then a suitable Broker is a Forex Broker in a foreign country.

– Are you sure?”This is a consequence, if you choose the wrong Broker.
“Then I Exchange at a local Broker only one” – that’s good, but increase your capital. Forex Broker Indonesia is regulated by Bappebti, usually require a deposit that is not small.

What then, Dong? Let us return to the consequences on which your responsibility is capable. But calm down, that doesn’t mean there’s no solution. Astronacci recommend and recommend that you act at MRG Premiere. MRG Premiere is a safe and reliable Forex Broker. For more information you can see here.

2. Registration With A Broker
If you have already found the right Broker and reliable for you, you must do this in order to open a trading account on the Broker. How? All you have to do is fill in your personal information from the Broker correctly. You can process the list here. If you have difficulty registering a trading account, contact the broker’s customer service here.

3. Deposit Money To Your Account
According to a real trading account, you are already so all you do is put a Deposit of funds or money to your trading account to start trading on Forex. In order to process the Deposit, please contact customer service Broker here.

4. Trade
Once the registration and replenishment of your funds have been completed, you must download the Metatrader platform to your Smartphone or Computer with which you can trade. You can download it here. After the Download process is complete, Please log in with your Trading account number.